Our Story

Our name is a fusion of two elements.

Kaizen (pronounced “khai-zen”) is the principle of continuous improvement - the virtue that we all strive to be better versions of ourselves everyday. To us, Kaizen is a motivation, passion, or ambition--something that we care deeply about, that gives us enthusiasm for living, or inspires what we do.

One comes from our belief that all matter and life on earth form a single, interconnected entity. From plants to humans, we are all a part of this world in which our actions and decisions affect the larger ecosystem. As people, we may follow unique paths with different stories, however we all share this journey together.

It is the harmony of these two principles that drives us, the belief that even the smallest positive changes in our daily routine will create ripples that transform not only our lives, but the communities we play in, and this world we collectively call home.

We believe each of us has a unique Kaizen. This can apply to any aspect our lives: in our health, our relationships, and our careers. This could be as simple as waking up early in the morning for a run because you have a motivation for living a healthy lifestyle or as ambitious as starting an initiative to save the rainforest because you have a passion for nature and animals.

Whether you’re actively pursuing your Kaizen on a daily basis or newly discovering what it is for yourself, your Kaizen is something that you wear proudly. Know that no matter how small or large, working on your Kaizen will bring you closer to your best self and inspire others in ways you never thought possible.